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2/1/07 09:55 pm - My Heart is all I have to give to You.

This summer I am participating in a mission trip to Arizona.
I will be staying in Arizona for a week.. helping with sports camps for children, vacation bible school, and just spending time spreading the gospel and helping the children.

We will be staying on the most improvish Indiana reservation.
Our goal is to just help, and show what can be done through Christ.

The cost of the trip is $600.00.. $300.00 for an airplane ticket, and the other $300.00 will be spent on my ground stay in Arizona.

I am hoping to find people to help sponsor me.. $600.00 is a lot for me to come up with. If you can send anything, even 5 bucks, lol... It would most definitely be appreciated. I wouldn't ask if it was for me, but this is for God.

Even if you can not help financially.. your prayers are what really matter.

If you have something you can send:

Addie Brading
PO Box 1212
North Vernon, IN

1/8/07 01:23 pm - Awe Dang it

Poor Little Bryce is in the hospital. ;[

2 days

1/2/07 10:19 am - New Years

How did I spend New Years?
Partying, lol.

No but really.. I actually cooked chili, which is crazy because I dont know how to cook! lol.. but apparently Chili is really easy and really yummy, lol.

So i made Chili because Bryce and I went to Pastors new years party, and Pastor told me to bring my fav. snack... and that just happens to be Chili.. lol.

We brought biblopoly.. yes, bryce owns the game "Biblopoly" lol... We didnt play it.. we just thought it would be funny.. So we stayed there for a couple hours just hanging out and eating.. and then we left for Scottsburg. AND MAN, people on the interstate on new years eve drive like complete insane people! lol... they were speeding swirving.. pulling over... I think thats the first time Bryce drove by the limit.. lol.

ANYWAYS.. so we went to Scottsburg for a worship concert. We met up with Nicole and Trent.. Bryces friend Josh Begley was playing in one of the bands, and they were pretty amazing. I was very shocked by Beglys perfomance! lol.. So we spent new years at a concert.. and we counted down the clock with a hamster running in a wheel? lol..  Obviously not a real hamster, but a vido thing on this huge prjector screen, cute.

First thing I did in 07' is dance and hug nicole!


12/23/06 11:52 am - Ugh

I hate hearing my grandma yell for her stupid dog ;/

12/22/06 02:30 pm - OH MAN!

its almost christmas break and i am so very excited!! today i want to go home and lounge all day. Definitely get a new video game first tho. I beat tomb raider legends and i loved that game, so i think i wanna get another tomb raider game. I have always liked them.. ever since PS1, lol. I like that i get to be a super bad tough chick, lol. 

I was wanting to go shopping tonite, but i think im just going to do that online instead. So i can be lazy when i do that too.. plus i cant drive my car.

mentioning cars.. i am so excited Roxanne might actually get her butt lowered today. (roxanne = the teg, lol)  I guess Bryce and T-rev are going to work on her tonite, or they shouldve already started. I guess it takes forever to take out the springs and replace them? I dont know.. plus roxannes stock springs wont come out, lol. 

enough of that car talk... im starving for chili...

this christmas break is going to be amazing.. thanks to everyone it will involve! 

12/20/06 08:43 pm - =/

I miss Jordan.

6/12/06 09:59 am - its my burfday

hell ya it is!
im now 18 and its all good.

there is a show tonite that mallie is escorting me to. fun times.
i never update anymore, and i have no excuse for it.

i have been living with jaclyn for the past 6 nights or so, but i think i want to stay home with the familia tonite.

Bryce comes home on tuesday... at 11pm.
I anticipate this.

more photo updates.

5/31/06 11:37 am - YAY

i love the summer, know? lol.

5/28/06 01:55 am - AHHHH SUMMER!!!!!

tonite is the first night i have been home since school was let out.. 
wednesday, jaclyn.. thursday, jaclyn/bryce....last nightfriday!,kristins!
ive been gone for 3 days so my parents decided that i should stay home tonite..

trust me though, if it was my choice i would most definitely be gone. lol.

okay so lets try to bunch up what i have been doing for the last 3 days... which the last couple days have really felt like one huge blurr and i dont think that i can really pick apart each event day by day, so lets try it.

WEDNESDAY:  jordan and i left school super early and then jaclyn came after school to get me... jaclyn, jordan, and i went to the hut when they were closing and we pretty much had a rave their with the jukebox. the dining room was closed we decided to play cheap techno from the 90's dance club CD.. i broke a sweat for real.
it started raining really hard so Jordan, bryce, and i went outside and ran around a little bit, then came back in to dance? lol.. after that (around 1130) Tyler, Jordan, Jaclyn, Bryce and myself went to  walmart.. after that we went to taco bell and then brough jordan to dylans house then jaclyn tyler bryce and i went back to north vernon and we went ebraking in tyler and bryces cars... which i dont really like ebraking?..
tyler had to leave shortly agfter that so jaclyn bryce and i went to daves to annoy him and then had 84 cents coffee... except i didnt drink any...

ugh im so sleepy this live journal will be revised sometime...


5/22/06 11:32 am - So LJ is Unblocked?

this is so neat, i can finally update.. i never could becuase it was blocked at school, and now it isnt blocked.

- the davinci code with rico
- old mustangs with kristin
- super pink and gold flash master cigs
- lip piercings thanks to tattoo bob...lol.
- jaclyn worked for me saturday, i ended up working with her
- taco bell, too many times.
- people like to hang out in parking lots?
- attempted baking
- long john silvers with ri
- later curfews
- non-answered fone calls.
- laugh at rice?
!!! theres so much more to type but i just remembered something i wanted to go check..
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